3 Years On: Ellard Outloud Has Reached Full Capacity 

December 23, 2021

Three years ago, after a long career in the agency world, I took the step out on my own to help clients cut through the digital noise and get down to business. Ellard Outloud has been a strategically focussed digital marketing consulting service offering guidance for targeted, holistic digital approaches that help businesses thrive. 

Had I known a pandemic would come along in the middle, I may have reconsidered. However, despite the challenges of 2020, 2021 has been an unimaginable year of success. So much, in fact, that Ellard Outloud is officially at full capacity. 

3 years in review

As of now, I am proud to boast a client base covering a broad range of industries, all of whom are well-respected leaders in their field, with a strong digital presence built up over our time together. 

The MGroup Golf DayThank you to Adept Graphics, The MGroup, Wise Investment, Futurecurve, The Plough at 38, and Aspey Energy for keeping me busy, trusting me through challenging times and putting in hard work to support the digital efforts we agreed on together. It has been a pleasure to watch our digital successes, and I look forward to a long, prosperous future together.


I am honoured that my work has been appreciated. Since the beginning, Ellard Outloud clients have reported strong results and, as such, have had very positive feedback. And we’ve worked through unimaginable times. To be able to thrive at a time of global turmoil is a testament to the power of digital marketing done well. 


Outside of my client work, these years have seen me step into other important roles. I am now Associate Director for OpenDoorz, Ambassador for SpecialEffect, team member for the Twin Town Boys, and co-owner at Urban Element. SpecialEffect Van

Understanding the strength of a community pulling together, I have worked hard to find connections between Oxfordshire businesses, spotting opportunities for partnerships and collaborations that could raise collective voices and help all of us to do even more. 

Ellard Outloud moving forward

It’s impossible to express the gratitude I have effectively. Still, I want to say that I am so proud of my clients, proud of my local community and proud to be able to do so much through my own unique skill set, represented through the Ellard Outloud brand. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to support you. 

Thanks to my clients and important professional roles, I am no longer in a position to take on new Ellard Outloud clients. Instead, I have reached a work-life balance that is truly fulfilling and allows me to be my absolute best in all of the responsibilities I have accepted. My amazing wife and boys are naturally very happy that such a point has been reached. 

Jon Ellard and Sons



It has been a challenging few years, and through those challenges, some part of the job and others totally out of our control, it’s been a privilege to learn, grow and support others to do the same. 

I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has supported Ellard Outloud during these three years.

Although I won’t be taking on any new clients, I will still be working hard with my existing clients and the Oxfordshire community through my other professional roles. 

Here’s to a prosperous end to the year and a thriving 2022.