Digital enlightenment

Digital transformation – getting your people on board and systems in place

This stage involves testing the plan and where possible trying to break it. The best digital marketing plans in the world will still fail if your people are not on board.

Equally ill-equipped or poorly trained staff will be a major road block to implementing the plan successfully.

Add clients, suppliers and investors to the mix and you will quickly see how valuable this part of the process is.

To do this, Jon will work out how on board with the digital strategy each of your stakeholders are. Jon will come up with a strategy for getting them all up to date and excited with the digital marketing plan. Keeping everyone on the same page and heading in the same direction will be vital for the plan’s success.

Getting people on board is only one part of the transformation model exercise.  Of equal importance is having the right systems, processes and technology in place to support the plan.

  • Do your website enquiries feed into your CRM?
  • Do your e-commerce sales integrate with your stock control system?
  • Does your sale team receive online enquiries?
  • What auto responder / thank you message do your online customers receive?
  • What delivery terms are you promising online and can you meet them?
  • Are you responding to online reviews and complaints?
  • Is your website site secure

This part of the 4 step process will ensure every element of your business is coordinated with what you’re trying to achieve digitally.

“Did your last website or digital campaign fail because you had the wrong technology, processes and or people?”

This transformation can include:

  • Ensuring your website create as good a customer experience as your shop, office or phone service
  • Identifying opportunities for digital transformation – delving into all areas of your business, such as sales, operations, finance, and marketing to look for areas that are not supporting your digital activities.
  • Ensuring your team and stakeholders are all aware of and supportive of your digital goals, as well as your overall business goals.
  • Training sales and internal people on how to deal with online enquiries
Flofuel Group

Flofuel Group

Jon was able to deal with a lot in a very short timescale. In no time at all he has given us brand awareness for the group and managed a successful digital campaign for our recent acquisition.

George Maguire, CEO