Digital marketing audit to review your online presence

To begin with Jon will conduct an audit of your current online presence – which will be as brief or thorough as necessary depending on your needs. For example, your business may just have one website and a Facebook page. Meaning there is little to audit, or alternatively you may require an in-depth analysis of your multiple websites and social media accounts.

"You can't plan until you know what you have. More often than not it's the junior team members that know what is in place digitally"

Reviewing your digital presence could include:

  • Flagging any inconsistencies between what your business is trying to achieve, and what you’re conveying digitally.
  • Conducting an audit of your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Investigating why your traffic is not converting into online orders or enquiries.
  • Looking at why you are not ranking for the keywords and services you want to be.
Octant Strategic

Octant Strategic

It is early days with our digital strategy and planning for a new website. However, from the audit that Jon completed we have been able to implement a keyword strategy and site content revision. We have understood more from Jon in 4 weeks than in the last 5 years from previous so called digital experts.

David McRobert and Chris Harvey

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