Planning is essential for your digital marketing strategy

Following on from the review the next step is Jon sitting down and working collaboratively with you to come up with a 12 month plan, tailored to you and centred around your goals. This will identify what your focuses are and set a clear path for how your digital marketing strategy will be achieved.

This plan will be created with as many or few people involved as appropriate - which could be just with the Managing Director, or with the whole management team. This stage of the process will usually involve several meetings or workshops, to really get to the crux of what needs to be delivered to get results.

"I meet many Owner / Manager's who have great business plan's which hinge on digital marketing success but do they have a digital strategy in place, not very often"

Devising a plan and strategy will include:

  • Setting achievable goals with deadlines and an action plan for making them reality.
  • Laying out how you can be using a variety of digital marketing methods to get better results, including social media, content, SEO, PPC and conversion rate optimisation.
  • Ensuring digital is at the forefront of your overall business goals.
  • Providing a strategy where all elements of digital are interlinked and working in conjunction with each other.
Chris Wood Dental Implants Solutions

Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions

Jon's review and plan were easy to understand and presented in a professional but invigorating way. Jon just got us very quickly and turned our business objectives into a realistic but exciting digital marketing plan. We are looking forward to working with Jon over the next 18 months.

Dr Chris Wood, Owner.

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