Ellard Outloud

Implementing your digital strategy

The last stage of the process will involve implementing the digital plan. In some cases, Jon will take charge of your service provider, or in-house team, and liaise with them – and in other cases he will put together a new team.

While the work is taking place, Jon will monitor the success of each element of the strategy, and make changes where necessary to ensure its success. The result of this 4-step process will be a thoroughly thought-out plan, with clear direction and achievable goals.

“Where is your plan now? Fully implemented and successful or already shelved and in the bin”

Making this a reality will involve:

  • Jon working closely with your digital fulfilment provider, to provide them clear direction and ensuring you get a return on investment.
  • Monitoring the fulfilment work with your interests in mind, to ensure that the digital activities evolve / adapt to changes in the business.
  • Delving into the realities you may not want to hear: are your suppliers up to scratch? Are you providing them with enough budget, time and direction?
  • Training your people and using continuous professional development to ensure that skills are in place to deliver your current and future digital activities.


Over the years we have found Jon’s advice and expertise regarding our digital strategy invaluable.

Nick Streeter, SpecialEffect