Digital consulting services

Jon is a well-seasoned digital consultant, with a tried and tested 4-step method for success that has delivered real results throughout his 22-year career. The process involves reviewing your current digital presence and then putting together a new digital plan. Before the plan is implemented Jon will get all the stakeholders on board and ensure that the IT systems and business processes are in place to support it. Finally Jon can oversee the implementation of the plan.

How I can help

Put simply, Ellard Outloud’s tried and tested 4-step process identifies where your specific issues lie, and puts a plan in place to solve them. The steps are as follows:


  • A review of your current digital marketing activities and strategy to identify areas for improvement.

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  • Collaboratively developing a bespoke strategy for your business, based on your overall goals.

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  • Will the plan work? Looking at the culture, people, IT, systems and procedures is there anything to block the plan?

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  • Ellard Outloud can take charge of your plan and digital fulfilment provider, whether they are internal or external and work closely with them to achieve success.

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