Audley Dental Solutions Uncover New Market Potential With Ellard Outloud

March 11, 2020

Audley Dental Solutions founder, Chris Wood, and I met 18 months ago. At that time, Audley Dental was known as Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions. Chris was well invested in digital marketing and, on the surface, it looked like he was excelling in every area.

Chris’ website was clean and professional. He was investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) with Urban Element and this strategy was serving him well; giving him a high ranking online, and generating customer enquiries which were translating to revenue.

Chris was a well-known name in dentistry. He had more than a decade of experience, and his business was growing. All signs suggested that Chris was doing everything right and doing quite capably on his own.

Uncovering An Untapped Market

While our initial conversation could have indicated it was time for me to pack up and leave Chris to his good work, I wanted to take the time to thoroughly dig into what it was that Chris was hoping to achieve in the future, and make sure that his current strategy was going to get him there.

Chris advised me that he was soon moving to new premises and that with this move, he would take his surgery capacity from one to three. To scale for the move, Chris was taking on three new dental specialists.

When discussing the capabilities of these dental specialists and who they would be working on, Chris let me in on some information that would ultimately take significant priority in our strategy moving forward.

Chris had ten general dentists that referred work to him. And these referrals made up two-thirds of his revenue!

It quickly became apparent that all of Chris’ digital marketing was directed at consumers. Nothing was going to general dentists who could offer new referrals. Until now, Chris has nurtured those general dentist relationships directly, and it had taken him ten years to acquire these ten relationships. No one else realised that Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions could offer general dentists outsourced solutions.

Bringing in a B2B Strategy

Chris’ consumer-focussed digital marketing was ticking along nicely and working well for him. So, our goal was to amplify his reach to general dentists; those who already made up 2/3 of his revenue, to build new relationships that would exponentially increase his revenue opportunities.

As part of the move, Chris rebranded his business from Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions to Audley Dental Solutions, reflecting that they were now a multi-skilled, multi-staffed organisation.

The rebrand presented the perfect opportunity to introduce a part of the site that would be dedicated to attracting and educating general dentists about Audley Dental Solutions services.

To do this, we created new content. This included video and pictures that used Chris’ existing referring dentists to act as an advocate, talking to prospects about the great work Chris and his team were doing, and highlight the immense value that Chris and Audley Dental Solutions can bring to these referring dentists. Not only was this an opportunity for Audley Dental Solutions, but it was also an opportunity for general dentists to increase their own revenue opportunities. This message needed to be spread.

Ellard Outloud Introduced:

  • Website analysis to determine how best to introduce the B2B offering
  • Webpage creation, with a section dedicated to attracting and educating referring general dentists about the solutions and value that Audley Dental Solutions can offer them
  • Video and picture content to be used, including existing referring dentists, to appeal to new prospects about their services – thank you Raw Pictures –
  • Additional SEO services – thank you Urban Element –
  • Promotional support
  • Ongoing guidance.
  • PR – thank you Fortitude Communications –
  • LinkedIn lead generation

Audley Dental Solutions Results

In the 18 months since Audley Dental Solutions and Ellard Outloud joined forces, we have been able to transform the website to include rich, attractive content to emphasise the services that Audley Dental Solutions can offer to general dentists.

With this, Audley Dental Solutions has acquired four new referring general dentists in just 18 months, drastically increasing their revenue and giving their new team plenty of work to do.