COVID-19 Update and ‘Support for running your business digitally over the next few months

March 16, 2020

Business as normal, well as normal as possible in these times.

I don’t want to go into too much detail regarding COVID-19 other than to say:

  1. Stay safe
  2. I am following all guidelines and advice from the World Health Organisation
  3. I am not currently in self-isolation
  4. I am meeting clients and potential clients using Zoom video conferencing

For March, and April I am giving all small to medium sized businesses my time and expertise free to discuss the following:

‘Running your business digitally over the next few months’

This will involve:

  1. Getting an insight into your business strategy and current digital marketing assets (Website, SEO, Social Media, Paid Advertising and E-Newsletters)
  2. Recommendations on adjusting current digital strategy or putting together a one page plan
  3. Recommendations for your website, homepage and landing pages
  4. Recommendations for your content and engaging with your audience
  5. Recommendations for your social media and engaging with your audience
  6. How to adjust current Paid Ads or the merits of starting a new campaign
  7. How to adjust current e-newsletter campaigns or the merits of starting a new campaign

Contact me on 07812587224 or by form if you have any questions or want a FREE one hour chat.

Final thoughts:

Don’t stop investing in Digital Marketing just evolve and remember we are ALL going through the most challenging health and economic times of our lives.

Your customers, suppliers, peers, community and team need to hear from you right now but not necessarily in a selling way.

Stay safe and take care