Helping Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions achieve growth

Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions provide dental implants to their patients using the latest technologies and digital advancements.

They initially took me on to complete stages 1 and 2 of my 4 services – Review and Plan. The issue they were experiencing was that their current digital plan wasn’t inline and fully amalgamated with the overall vision and strategic objectives of the business. Additionally, the client had recently lost their internal marketing resource.

The client had two main goals:

  • Achieving growth, as they were in the process of moving to larger premises and were soon to have 100% additional capacity.
  • Although SEO work through their provider was producing results, a new campaign and focus were needed in order to meet the increased capacity.


Whilst conducting a review of the client’s current digital marketing I had 3 major light bulb moments:

  1. The client was only connected with 20% of their target market on LinkedIn despite having a validated database and permission to contact.
  2. Too much B2B content marketing material was hidden in newsletters rather than on their dedicated web section for dentists. The ratio of B2C content versus B2B content was also wrong.
  3. Although performing very well for B2C type local keywords there was no strategy around B2B terms with good volume, opportunity and high relevance.

Off the back of these discoveries, I:

  • Evolved the current 12-month digital plan to include goals, events, traditional marketing activities, and to rectify the above issues.
  • Met with their two main providers (web and SEO, and video) to ensure that all parties were on board with the goals and understood the integrated plan.

The results and client testimonial

I am delighted to say that the client has engaged me as their digital consultant for an 18-month contract. I am very excited to oversee and implement their plan and even more excited to see them in their new premises with a full order book come Summer 2019.

Chris Wood Dental Implants Solutions at work

Helping Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions achieve growth

Jon's review and plan were easy to understand and presented in a professional but invigorating way. Jon just got us very quickly and turned our business objectives into a realistic but exciting plan. We are looking forward to working with Jon over the next 18 months.

Dr Chris Wood, Owner.

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