Guiding Flofuel Group through an acquisition

The Flofuel Group offers a wide range of airport and marine refuelling equipment including aircraft refuellers and refuelling steps, and offshore and helicopter refuelling. As part of its growth, it was going through an acquisition and bringing a 4th company into the group – Fluid Transfer International.

Several challenges were faced here – with the first being how to communicate the benefits of the acquisition to the team, as the clients biggest priority was to look after his people. Another challenge faced was raising awareness of Flofuel group, as it was a relatively unknown brand, and the third was the fact that a digital audit had not been done as part of the acquisition process.

What Ellard Outloud did for Flofuel Group

Ellard Outloud’s first move was to audit the digital presence of all current companies, along with the soon to be acquired company. This included gaining access and control of all social media accounts and website systems.

Jon supported the client with communicating to all stakeholders what the new structure of the group was. This took the form of staff announcements, staff information packs, press releases, news articles, short videos and client and supplier statements. These achieved two objectives – taking care of all staff members and increasing Flofuel Group’s brand awareness.

Managing the acquisition process involved creating a group branded splash page 8 weeks prior to the event, as well as overseeing the build of a holding site, and the setup of several social media channels for the group.

On the day of the acquisition all stakeholders were clearly communicated to. At the same time a content marketing campaign started, on the now branded Flofuel Group’s websites and social media accounts to promote the acquisition.

The Results

On the day of the acquisition the first people to hear were the all-important staff of the four companies – shortly followed by the rest of the world – with a successful web, social and PR launch. Now Flofuel Group’s website ranks number 1 on google when you search for Flofuel Group.

Traffic to the group site over the first two months was 365 users, and LinkedIn impressions were 6,371 with 245 clicks.

More importantly, through increased brand awareness the client has received new enquiries.

Guiding Flofuel Group through an acquisition

Guiding Flofuel Group through an acquisition

Jon was able to deal with a lot in a very short timescale. In no time at all he has given us brand awareness for the group and managed a successful digital campaign for our recent acquisition.

George Maguire, CEO